Work smarter not harder

Business processes that do work for you.

The foundation for repeatable business processes

Wokflow creates shared knowledge and automatic metrics for processes across your team, making teammates more productive and the workplace a little rosier.

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Business Workflow Engine

We need to train everyone in support to pass these to marketing...

Are teammates making mistakes?

The solution is to define business processes in a tool that allows you to clearly show how to do something rather than tell

Wokflow make it simple for your team to create both basic checklists and conditional workflows

“Glass Box” Collaboration

Where are we in the process?
Should I ask Tom or Maya?

Ever unsure on the status of a business process?

You need a solution that allows you to not only see the status of a single process, but also groups of processes

Wokflow reduces error with clear handoffs between stakeholders and peer into process statuses

Powerful Automation

I need to remind my team to send this report once a week...

Feel like you are drowning in recurring or incoming tasks?

You need a solution that allows you to trigger tasks, schedule tasks, and send data to other systems.

Wokflow allows teams to automate tasks with triggered and scheduled processes

How do we accomplish this?

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White glove migration

Need help migrating? For a limited time, we are offering free migrations services to help convert your processes from your current tools to wokflow. Please contact us at for more information

Gain control over your work today

Wokflow allows your team to define workflows
and execute on them with maximum efficiency


Define a recipe which is a sequence of automated or manual steps needed to complete a business task
Create a new wok from a recipe and assign teammates and customers to roles
Each person executes on steps of the recipe to finish the wok without ever leaving the app
VoilĂ , you finished your wok. Stay organized with overviews of where different woks are in their respective processes and who the wok's are blocking on.
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