Work smarter not harder.

Personalize your company's workflows because not everything fits in "to-do, doing and done".

I want superpowers!

Workflow and Rule Engine

If the client wants a report, go to line 327 of the process doc...

Why did Kyle mess this up again? He forgot to upload the picture to Dropbox and respond to the customer via email.

Wokflow reduces the margin for error with clear UI and bring forms and action items into the process docs.


Jon, can you do step 1and 9 in the Google Doc? Jill can you...

How do we ensure approvals happen and that there is a history of everything that was done? The new intern is bound to **ck it up.

Wokflow includes approvals and role based processes.


Computer — do my work for me!

Why should I need to manually send emails, update spreadsheets, and do data entry?

Wokflow aims to automate it all for you!

Deliverable Checks

Help your team look good by never forgetting deliverables.

Do the new managers always forget to write their weekly progress report for what their team accomplished?

Wokflow allows you to set required files and form fields

I want superpowers!

Wokflow allows your team to define workflows
and execute on them with maximum efficiency


Define a recipe which is a sequence of automated or manual steps needed to complete a business task
Create a new wok from a recipe and assign teammates and customers to roles
Each person executes on steps of the recipe to finish the wok without ever leaving the app
Voilà, you finished your wok. Stay organized with overviews of where different woks are in their respective processes and who the wok's are blocking on.
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