👋Hey, Michael here. CEO & Founder at wokflow.

I started wokflow after feeling burnt out at two successful startups. At both companies, we were from top accelerators (YCombinator, 500Startups), top VCs, and over we had $10 million in revenue. Successful right?

But it felt wrong.

I felt that there was another way to do work.

The type of work where business owners run profitable businesses. Where employees feel taken care of by their boss. Where customers feel taken care of by the businesses they do business way.

Handshakes. Friendships. Old fashioned sh*t.

Here at wokflow, we believe that work doesn't have to be crazy. We can live our lives now, rather than after the business is successful. That the best work is done by well rested and healthy employees.

We're here to show people that business can be done without the pain and without the headaches. We'll show that it can be done profitably, while providing employees with an amazing lifestyle.

We want to help everyone achieve: Zen at Work

Thank you for joining us on this journey.




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