How is wokflow different?

Good question.

wokflow is built for teams to organize and track business processes.

No one tool is exactly the same as ours, so let me give you the rundown and you can compare it to your current solution.

Conditional workflows

wokflow allows you to create workflows with steps that could transition to repeat one or more steps (eg. Please go back and repeat steps 3 to 6) or go down a different path of the workflow (eg. If the client requested to fly by air, go to "Book Flights" otherwise go to "Book a Ride").


There are often processes that are used across many different workflows. wokflow allows workflows to be from another workflow, allowing you to re-use workflows and run groups of related workflows under a single overarching workflow.

Group assignment

Usually there are many people on one team capable of performing a single task. wokflow lets you assign steps of a workflow to a group of people to allow the members of the group to self select who has availability to work on a given task.

Workflow & Task tracking

wokflow automagically creates tasks for you and your team for each step in a workflow. Additionally, we provide a task tracker for you to write down any additional TODO's that come up outside the normal scope of the workflow.

Workflow Audit

wokflow helps you track who did each step in a workflow and see what was done so you always know what was done without needing to pester others.

Scheduled and Recurring Workflows & Tasks

You can schedule workflows and tasks for later in wokflow for things that don't need to be worked on immediately. For things you need to do on a weekly or monthly basis, you can set a recurring task or workflow.

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