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Core Workflow Engine

wokflow - audit workflows
Audit Workflows

Check what was done on a workflow. View forms, checklists, file uploads and more. See timestamps of when each step was completed in the audit log. Check who was assigned to finish each step in a workflow.

Forms & Tables

wokflow - forms
Add Forms to Workflows

Power-up your workflows with forms from our standalone forms feature. Fill out forms from both workflows and as standalone forms at the same time.

Made for Teams

wokflow - assign work
Assign Work to Teams

Assign work to Roles, which could be any of: All teammates, one specific teammates, a specific group of teammates

Tasks for Everything

wokflow - track workflow tasks
Track Workflow Tasks

Wokflow automagically creates tasks for each step in the process so that you can track which steps are finished and which are still waiting to get attention.

Everything you'll need

Audit Workflows
See the history of a in-progress or completed workflow
Automate Assignment
Setup steps in a workflow Recipe to be auto-assigned to specific roles
Track Team Activity
Check what your co-workers are working on to help them out
Email Reminders
Get notified when a workflow is passed to you
Granular Permissions
Setup workflow Recipes so that only certain teams or people can access it
Comment on Workflows
Collaborate on work problems with your teammates
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