From Octoly to SurveyMonkey: How Personalized Online Marketing Campaigns Can Be Achieved and Why They Work

Last updated 12/12/2018

Octoly to SurveyMonkey

Raise your hand if you ever wanted free things. Yeah, that is probably everyone reading this!

And raise your hand if you want to satisfy latent curiosity around customer and employee experience and potentially widen the audience net through additional potential customers—without cramming all your marketing efforts into one basket?

From brands like Octoly, providing free products with personalized content for social influencers to use and review, to SurveyMonkey, the best survey implementing tool online, email marketing, as well as personalized online marketing campaigns on social media have never been easier for small business owners or people starting up their own personal brand and making their brand better.

In this article, we’re going to cover twoof the biggest online marketing tools that answer your needs through a personalization marketing strategy and tell you why they got to be as massive as they got.


How Octoly works

If you’re at least 16, you could be enjoying Christmas (almost) every day.

Octoly is a unique content marketing platform that offers a personalized experience for people accruing a following online and goes way above and beyond one-to-one marketing or traditional email marketing campaigns and standard internet marketing. According to their terms and conditions, as part of the strategy, you must have at least one YouTube and/or Instagram account focusing on lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, or fitness. But that account you started last yearwon’t cut it; you have to be active and public on your platforms. Specifically:

●      On YouTube, you need at least 1000 subscribers and post at least one video every week that gets one thousand views (through real-time data) within 30 days of publishing.

●      On Instagram, you need to have atleast 5000 followers and publish at least five pictures a week.

There’s more, of course, such as not working for Octoly and not artificially increasing your viewership and brand loyalty, the above conditions are pretty much all you need to get access to some of the top beauty brands like Estee Lauder, Mac, Dior, Sephora,and others. All for free!

That’s right, free. Well, free of monetary costs,we should say. Octoly wants you to review these products on your platforms foryour followers to see. So, while you don’t pay in money, you pay in your time.

But the benefits far outweigh any costs.

Why Octoly works

Octoly helps users look professional, collaborate with other social influencers, and help “turn their passion into successful careers.” So, while you may have started your YouTube or Instagram account as a hobby, you can use Octoly to get the brand-establishing clout to turn that hobby into a full-time job.

Octoly gives influencers free top beauty products at no cost(other than time), so by having these top products, stray viewers assume small social influencers are legit, saying “wow, that person got their hands on a Mac?” I’m gonna watch them. By watching people they like, viewers are more likely to buy the products reviewed in the video or photo. It’s a win-win for both social influencers and the companies offering their products.

However, in addition to getting free products, Octoly provides educational courses for social influencers to help them build their business and technical skills as well. Octoly users can “rise to the top” of their competition by learning Instagram growth and marketing tricks, videography skills, promotional, photography, and other valuable tools for social influencers.

Best of all, like-minded content creators can meet one another on Octoly and learn from each other in addition to learning from Octoly’s educational courses. And, once users make awesome videos and pictures, Octoly even features them in their monthly online magazine, giving users even more exposure.

To sum up, Octoly works because it created an ecosystem of collaboration and growth for all parties involved. Finding such a net plus for everyone will have companies, users, and other businesses wanting to collaborate with Octoly’s platform.

But what if you want to learn how to make your product better once a customer completed using it? For that,you’d probably use a personalized survey platform like SurveyMonkey.


How Survey Monkey works

We’ve all had a survey emailed to us, begging users to provide customer feedback but on such a boring interface that it usually gets ignored. However, Survey Monkey revolutionized the survey field by streamlining the survey process and giving surveys a new look.

Survey Monkey offers pre-designed surveys and questions from survey scientists (who knew there were survey scientists?) making sure that the survey people see are ones that entice them to take it.

In addition to better-designed surveys, SurveyMonkey allows users to find better paths for people to take surveys other than email (which usually gets ignored). Brands and businesses can sample their audience through email (as expected), but also chat, web, and media platforms, among others.

But rarely will a business owner be a data specialist as well. That’s where SurveyMonkey shines as well. SurveyMonkey allows users to extract useful information from their collected data and transform it into actionable insights to drive their business forward.

For example, as auto-insurance company Progressive in Australia explains in a video under Customer Feedback, Progressive sends out surveys when customers by policy, renew the policy and make a claim. Progressive knows that happy customers are more likely to keep using their product and to recommend their company to other customers, so knowing how to improve their customer experience(especially during something as stressful as making an insurance claim) helps Progressive know how to cater their company to their customers’ satisfaction.

Could they do that without easy surveys to fill out? Probably not, at least not without spending a lot more time gathering that information. So, SurveyMonkey is crucial for businesses to quickly satisfy their curiosity as to how everyone using their product feels, and to make that experience better.

Why Octoly and SurveyMonkey Work

They don’t only provide their expertly tailored and well-crafted product, but they also provide additional useful information for people to grow their brands or businesses. Both Octoly and Survey Monkey offer insider knowledge on personal marketing and data interpretation. Going this extra step builds rapport between users and the company, ensuring that current users keep using their products and possibly recommend other users to Octoly’s or SurveyMonkey’s platform.

If you’re trying to be the next Octoly or SurveyMonkey, think about what additional gaps your customers might have, such as informational or educational gaps in business, marketing, photography, and so on, and try to also be the source to fill that need too.

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