How Email Tester Applications Like Litmus Help Small Businesses Master Marketing

Last updated 11/27/2018

Email Tester

As a small business owner, you’re doing everything in your power to make sure that customers see your product. So, after doing your research, you find that one of the best ways to advertise new products or services and to build a better connection with your audience is through a mailing list and sending information to every target email address you can find.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 91 percent of US adults receive promotional emails from businesses. And core mail is more than 40 times better than Twitter or Facebook combined in helping you get new customers, according to McKinsey. So yeah, you didn’t neglect mail.

But you can’t just mail one email out to every email address on your mailing list sign-up since everyone is sure to use different email providers. Each provider has their own unique coding that makes every email or action mailer look the way it does.

Say a customer signs up with a Google email (Gmail). Gmail has certain rules in their coding that makes their email look the way it does. But Yahoo mail would have different coding and thus adifferent end result. Therefore, you can’t use a message coded for this.

So, if you don’t test your email before sending it out to your audience, your painstakingly crafted message could look like jumbled spam. No self-respecting business owner wants that. Worse, you could send a broken email whose links don’t match up to the correct destination or the email could be sent to the spam folder. There are hundreds of ways in which your email won’t reach your customers the way you want it to.

Because of that, you’re going to have to use email tester applications like the Litmus app.

How Litmus will improve your small business

Sending out emails

Litmus lets you write, edit and send out emails to over 90 different email clients (Google, Yahoo mail, Outlook…) and lets you sync your Litmus email to your personal email service provider, like Mail Chimp, letting you send out messages instantly.

Email previews

Once you’ve written your email, you have to preview it to make sure it looks good across different platforms.

Here’s all you do: You send a test email to Litmus, which is received by Litmus’ 1600 physical machines using real email clients read your test email. Their software opens the email and takes screenshots of how it looks on their end, mimicking exactly what your email recipients would see. With that, you can see your email in 90+ email clients seconds after it’s been sent.

If something looks wonky, you can go onto fix it in…

The codable email builder

Litmus allows you to go in and fix any errors in the email’s coding yourself, giving you full control of how the end message looks. If you’re not the most advanced coder, though, you can use reusable code snippets and pre-tested templates to reduce email errors and ensure brand consistency.

Across platform cohesion

Will your email look the same on an iPhone X as it will on a Samsung Galaxy S9? Onan iPad or Kindle Fire? With Litmus, you can make sure that the same message looks uniform across any device.

Spam testing

If you made sure your email looks right across 90 platforms, you want to make sure it actually reaches the recipient's inbox, rather than their spam folder where they’d never read it. Thankfully, Litmus allows you to check your IP addresses and domains against common blacklists, notifying you when you do.You don’t want to stay on that list!

In addition, Litmus gives you practical advice on how to fix that issue, allowing you to increase your email’s chance of reaching the right inbox. This is crucial if you’re a novice delivery expert and are trying to learn without getting yourself in a spam hole.

Email analytics

So, you’ve made sure that your email looks good and makes it to the right inbox. Great. But you want to know: are people actually reading your emails? Are they reading it fully or just skimming it? Worse, are they deleting it altogether?

With the Litmus analytic tool, you can see who is forwarding your email, see engagement with your email by device, see who’s opening where, and much more. These analytics give you the right data to better optimize your email marketing strategy as you move your small business forward.

With all the features Litmus offers, it’s one of the best tools around to make sure that your email marketing goes smoothly.

Make sure your email marketing strategy is the best

By ensuring a strong, efficient email strategy, your small business:

●      Builds credibility by having a means for customers to reach out to your company should they have questions, comments or concerns. People like doing business with companies they know and trust, and by sharing informative and useful content with your audience you strengthen your rapport.

●      Strengthens your brand and brand recognition by constantly reinforcing your content weekly or whenever you send out your newsletter. People build familiarity with your company by reading your emails.

●      Boost sales. Of course, if you have a readable,helpful email with links to products, people are more likely to click on your product. This is aided by coupons or discount codes sent through email. In addition, you could provide affiliate links to other companies in your email to gain further revenue.

●      Increase website traffic because, even if people aren’t buying products through links in the email, they might visit your actual website to buy the products you mentioned. There they can see a wider variety of inventory, or be exposed to ads that help you get money. People will spend more time on your website if they’re familiar with your brand through emails.

●      Build excitement. You can hint at future sales, giveaways, promotions or whatever exciting event in the future, building anticipation and increasing the probability of sales the day that event happens.

To reap the benefits of a good, strong marketing campaign, you have to have the right tools in your toolbox. Litmus is one such tool giving you full control over your master email marketing, giving you the results you want. There’s a reason more than 250,000 small business owners use their services to reach more customers.

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