How Health Tech Startups Like Noom Capitalize on Convenience

Last updated 11/28/2018

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It’s no secret: the world has become way more convenient in the last 100 years. Could you order a pizza and have it delivered to your house in 1937? We didn’t think so.

But, with such a rapidly changing world, there are more opportunities than ever to sit sedentarily and consume unhealthy foods. There’s a reason the world’s we’re the heaviest we’ve ever been, with obesity up 40 percent since 1975.

Thanks to modern-day conveniences, however, health tech startups are tackling worldwide obesity and weight issues head-on. Now it’s easier than ever to get personalized fitness coaching and nutrition guidance on apps like Noom and achieve your weight-loss goals easier.

Noom has done what other health coaching apps have not—capitalize on convenience for a weight-loss program. Folks don’t have time to go to the gym at certain hours and meet with licensed physical trainers for personal coaching to go over regimented exercises and go to a nutritionist to get feedback on their diet. Not only would having all these meetings to burn the calories is time intensive but monetarily costly as well.

Rather, Noom gives people access to these three facilitators of weight loss all at the convenience of a smartphone. Anyone with an iPhone or Android can get access to these features.

Sure, both these systems’ respective app stores have tons of weight loss apps thats say they’ll help people lose weight through diet, healthy recipes, and a workout program, but they rarely give people the results they want. Why? Because Noom revolutionized three key features and made some even more accessible.

Color-coded food tracking

Back in the old days (we’re talking about the Dark Ages before the smartphone), people had to write down the food they ate in food journals. While this may be eye-opening the amount one may be eating, it makes it harder to discern which foods are bad foods you should moderate. Sure, if you’re guzzling down liters of coke to wash down boxes of Twinkies, you know that’s bad and should moderate yourself.

But it’s you saying that. With a boring ol’ food journal, it’s all up to you to decide which foods to cut out and which to keep.

Noom, however, prompts you along with their color-coded food tracking system. Not only does the system look much better and more engaging than a regular notebook, but Noom tells you which foods are good, such as spinach and berries, by coloring these entries green. The app will then congratulate you on eating these foods and tell you to keep going, spurting feel-good dopamine in your brain and encouraging you to keep eating more of these healthy foods.

If you’ve eaten food that’s okay now and should moderate, like fries, the app colors the entry yellow and reminds you to eat in moderation. If you put in something that should rarely be eaten, like high-fat and high-sugar foods, these entries are colored red, discouraging you from eating these foods.

Noom improved the food tracking system by not only making it fun to look at but put it right on your phone, making it easier to enter foods eaten and get encouragement or discouragement for those choices.

Gets you in touch with a human fitness coach

In addition to the food-logging system, Noom allows you to virtually contact a fitness coach through the app. It’s not AI—it’s a real, flesh-and-blood person who is trained to help you live a healthier life. After taking the initial quiz to get a baseline of how much weight you want to lose and the eating style you have, Noom connects you to a goal coach and a group coach.

While you log your food every day, these coaches check in with you once a week to discuss last week’s progress and give you guidance as to how to improve next week. It’s a text-based, casual conversation each of you has over your phones.

Your group coach posts daily conversation topics for you and other people in your group to talk about. The best way to attain your goal is to know that there’s not only a system of people there to support you, but that there’s an accountability system as well. You know that the people in your group will be able to give you motivation if you’re struggling to eat healthily or exercise properly, but they're noticing your progress as much as you’re noticing theirs. It’s a good way to stay connected without awkward in-person discussions about losing motivation or slipping up.

Goal oriented progress

Noom, along with your Noom-provided fitness coaches, allow you to build healthier habits that improve your life, rather than just capitalizing on those few days of extreme weight loss motivation that eventually fizzles out. By building these habits, you can keep losing weight and living a healthier life even if you do decide to cancel your Noom subscription.

Capitalizing on convenience

It’s the system switch that Noom offers, breaking bad habits and replacing them with new ones, all done without having to fit real in-person training or nutrition meetings into people’s busy schedules.

Instead, everything is on the smartphone. It gives people the freedom to go about weight loss the way they want to, all while pointing out any bad eating patterns or other habits they need to change but may not know where to start.

Of course, if a person wants total guidance through at-home portion control meals and needs daily face-to-face guidance, then Noom is not the weight-loss program for them. However, if someone prefers virtual meetings to in-person ones, an efficient and helpful food tracker and wants to build successful systems without paying life time fees, then Noom is the right choice.

Previously, to get weight loss results, you had to go to the gym and get a personal trainer. While people still certainly go this route, it’s not possible for everyone everywhere. In an ever-busier world, people need solutions that they can fit into their life seamlessly, not something that will require rearranging their life around the solution.

By finding ways to integrate weight loss into people’s lives through their smartphone, Noom capitalized on convenience while helping people live healthier, happier lives.

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