Tables in Workflows

Last updated 12/29/2018

We’ve added tables in workflows. A picture is worth a thousand words, so…

Tables in workflows

What’s this useful for?

Sometimes you need to input one or more items. For example, some trip planning details, or line items in a purchase order. Adding a Table to a workflow is perfect for this.

Not only can you add multiple items to a workflow, you can view all of the entries across all workflows in the Table view. This way you can view the Table items specific to one workflow, while building reports off of the entire table of all items from all workflows.

Table in workflow vs Table

Other additions

We’ve setup a bunch of help doc at pages to make it easier to get started. We also added image uploads to tables.

Next Up

Next major thing people requested was the ability to link tables to other tables and be able to view different fields in a linked table. We’ll also start adding templates/examples to help people get started quickly get a better idea of what is possible.

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